//The Sword That Cuts Both Ways: Event Rental Software Benefits For Your Business And Your Clients

The Sword That Cuts Both Ways: Event Rental Software Benefits For Your Business And Your Clients

Players in the industry are honest enough to admit that event planning can get quite hectic. As an event hire service provider, you need all the tools that will make you indispensable in the industry. Top on that list is event rental software.

For Your Clients

Whether its chairs and tables, sound and lighting equipment, linen and table clothing, tents or whatever they may need for the event, your clients can make the booking with just the click of a button. Your customers can check out the images and product description of each rental item online and save themselves the trip to your physical address. The system runs on a 24/7 basis and they can conveniently make their reservation anytime. Additionally, the software is mobile-friendly and they can do the bookings on any of their mobile devices.

With the real-time availability status updates for each item, your clients will never about being disappointed on the big day due to a problem with double bookings. Additionally, your clients will enjoy consistent timely deliveries, thanks to the route optimization feature on the software. With your crew getting to sites on time, clients will never have to worry about delaying their events.

With so much to do, some things are bound to escape the minds of your clients. Be a true partner and keep them on their toes with reminders from the powerful event rental software. Your clients will also be the first to know of exciting new products and stand to enjoy exciting new offers with personalized messages.

Paying for event rental items is also much easier and your clients can choose from several payment gateways integrated to the event rental software.

For Your Business

Stay organized and always have an eye of your entire inventory. The event rental software will give you a clear picture of what you have in stock and what is hired out to your clients. You will also be able to keep track of what equipment needs repairs and stay on top of regular maintenance. With this information, you will be able to more efficiently manage your inventory.

Organizing shifts has never been easier. The easy-to-use layout of the software will also give you an advantage as a business owner as you can easily and confidently delegate more responsibilities to your staff. The event rental software also sends automatic shift reminders to your crew and you will not have to worry about a disruption to your workflow caused by absenteeism.

As your clientele grows, you will find yourself delivering to sites that are quite a distance from your operations base. Save more on time and fuel with the software’s powerful mapping and route optimization tool.

Creating quotes and invoices for so many clients and for many items, especially for big events can be challenging. The rental software is integrated with some of the world’s most powerful accounting software to help you with exactly that. After invoicing, you will also be able to receive secure payments from your clients.

Both your business and your clients stand to benefit immensely from investing in the event rental software. It is a proven solution that will transform and grow your business while keeping your clients satisfied at all times.

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