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The Art Of Creating Life Long Customers: The Why And How To Effectively Deliver Great Customer Experience

By 2020, according to a walker study, customer experience will have beaten price and product as the primary brand differentiator. Succinctly put, your reputation as a company is only as good as the quality of the customer experience you offer your clients.

As a player in the competitive event and party rental industry, you no doubt realize the potential and power of referrals. Word of mouth advertising has the potential to build and increase your client base and it is deeply rooted in the quality of customer experience. Provide an excellent experience and your customers will share the same with friends, family and if you are lucky, with the scores they are connected with on social media. Unfortunately, the same is true for a not-so-great customer experience as a displeased client will tell at least 15 people.

Statistics show that up to 86% of customers would gladly pay more for a great customer experience. Your competitors are no doubt up-to-date with the numbers and making every effort to deliver on this front. For that reason, stand out from the pack by going the extra mile to make your customer experience more than just good; make it great, excellent even. Make it great and memorable, every single time with these pointers.

Make Rentals Easy On Your Clients

Market studies reveal that reduced effort on the part of the customer fits very well into most people’s definition of a great customer experience. Investing in booking software for your event rental business definitely makes the rental process much easier.

Away with the paper work and time wasted on having to visit your physical location or hold on the telephone line to be assisted. The user-friendly interface on booking software means that customers can quite conveniently and easily make their bookings any time and from virtually anywhere.

Train and equip your customer service representatives with the requisite trouble shooting skills. Instead of having to fill out forms, or being re-directed to other company personnel, your customers should, with as little effort on their part, be able to find solutions with the first person they interact with.

On the other hand, an overwhelming 50% of customers are happy to solve issues on their own. Make self-service an option for your customers and provide them with the relevant tools and instructions to go about these tasks.

Make every interaction with your business as effortless as can be, and you can be sure your customers will be back over and over again. More likely than not, they will have no trouble sharing their good experience with others.

Get Talking and Make It Personal

Yours may be a big business with hundred and even thousands in client base. In such a scenario, it may be easy to lose out on all the benefits of a personalized customer experience. Your clients want to interact with people and not just the brand that is your business.

Making use of your CRM tools, send out personalized messages to your customers. It is always a pleasant surprise to get birthday wishes, especially from the quarters where you least expect them. To avoid any problems during the day of the event, you can also send out reminders to your clients prior to the actual event date.

Even after events, follow up with your clients. Make it your business to get feedback from your clients on every aspect of the rental transaction. Keep your social media pages active and engage with your clients.

With the powerful booking software tools, you will be able to monitor a client’s specific needs and with this information, be in a position to send out relevant promotion material and exclusive deals and offers that will get your clients excited.

Do not hesitate to take it out of the digital world. It takes a few minutes at most to draft an email, but how much more personal would it be if you could go the extra mile and send something handwritten directly to your clients?

Always Be Courteous About It

When a mistake happens, and it will, be sure to be courteous about it. Great customer experience start with your staff. Ensure that you recruit representatives with the most desirable of attributes including patience and empathy.

Your event rental business will live to see more days if your customer service reps can consistently maintain a level head when handling a disgruntled customer. Acknowledging and actually apologizing for any challenges the customer may be complaining about goes a long way in pacifying most. A simple sorry can change a customer’s attitude, with failure to apologize ranking high among practices that get customers very worked up.

It may seem incredulous, but a simple “thank you” also holds as much power. Acknowledge and appreciate every feedback from your clients. Make it sound sincere and not condescending, and definitely not as though you are reading from a script and you may very well shift your clients’ attitudes.

Strive Towards Customer-Centric Experiences

As many studies agree, the key to making your customer service experiences better lies in actually listening. As a medium-scale rental business, you may have invested in different software to handle every aspect of your business, but rather than making your solutions tech-savvy and task-oriented, actually listen to your clients and provide a solution on their terms. All these tools should only be to optimize the solution, but ultimately the real solution must be well within the customer’s terms.

Event client is as important as the next. If it puts no strain on your resource allocation, make it your business to ensure that you can tailor a solution for your clients’ diverse needs.

There are many revealing statistics out there and every day studies and survey are being conducted. What is definite, though, is the fact that whether in the event renal industry or otherwise, you must know your clients well in order to deliver a great and personalized customer experience.

Customers highly value great customer experience. Keep improving your customer experiences and you will have increased customer satisfaction for which your event and party rental business will be rewarded with improved customer retention as well as better cross-selling and up-selling.

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