//Reliable Booking Software That Meets Your Exact Business Needs

Reliable Booking Software That Meets Your Exact Business Needs

Party and event. Bouncing castles and other play inflatables. Audio and visual equipment. Whatever your industry and the scale of your business operations, we have customized booking and CRM software to suit your specific business needs.

Simple Design and Social Media

Our software package design is simple and easy to use. Within the shortest time, your clients and employees will be able to navigate smoothly through the system. No special training is required, although arrangements can be made for training sessions and you will be able to hand over the reins to your clients and staff. Our web-based software also requires no extra or special hardware for set up.

For a business with an active online presence, our software easily integrates with your social media pages. Your clients will be able to make real-time bookings across your social media platforms such as Facebook. This will bring in the numbers as potential clients who are regular visitors on your social media pages can make the bookings from there as opposed to having to visit your official business website.

Industry-specific Features

That our software is simple does not in any way speak against the functionality of our packages. Our expert team of developers have put in the work and come up with great features that will give all our clients across the different spheres of the rental business a real competitive edge. While developing the software, we have taken on board some insights from a team of consultants and industry insiders in the different sectors.

Our clients will be getting value for their money as our software addresses specific pain points characteristic of each sector and delivers great benefits to the business with the mind to invest in our product. We are all about providing real solutions for real businesses and strive towards customer satisfaction.


Our software is mobile-friendly and all users can gain instant access from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. You will not have to worry about looking for a PC and this will no doubt boost your level of flexibility as a business. Your tech savvy clients will also enjoy a great deal of convenience as they will be able to make their bookings from anywhere.

Go Paperless

With our rental software, you will be able to save time and money as you run a completely paperless operation. Enjoy the benefits of job scheduling tools that allow you to manage your employees and resources with even better efficiency. Doing paperwork for weekly shifts for your team will be a thing of the past now. The software also loads up your phone and email conversations for reference and follows up and you will never need to think of printing such communications and filing them.

The office 365 integration on our software allows you access to a real experience of the full Microsoft Office suite. Create word documents, Excel sheets and put together a PowerPoint presentation from anywhere and at any time.

With everything on just one screen, your administrative costs and the time it takes to do these routine tasks will greatly reduce.

Routing and Dispatch

Time is expensive. Fuel costs can be even more expensive. Using mapping tools and apps, our route optimization feature is exactly what will help you save on both time and fuel. Your delivery crew may know your local area well, but our software which integrates with Google maps and other apps is exactly the guarantee you need of better efficiency.

For your clients, this will mean more timely deliveries, which plays into a sense of customer satisfaction. It goes without mention that happy customers are loyal customers.

Getting Paid

We have made receiving and processing payment for your services much easier by integrating our software with the most trusted online payment gateways. Receive money through PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe and eway among other gateways. Each transaction is secure and payment processing takes a reasonable time.

Professional Accounting

As a business, book keeping is a very crucial element to your everyday business operations. Integrated into our rental software are cloud-based accounting and book keeping software such as xero, myob and FreshBooks that will help you keep your books in order at all times.

With the click of a button, you will be able to create job estimates and quotes that will earn your business new clients. Once a client accepts the quote, you can just as easily turn that quote into a professional invoice.

Don’t Forget Anything

It is only human to forget. Except that, as a business, some of these occasional and admittedly normal forgetfulness can prove quite costly in the long run. Our rental software, with its powerful Google calendar integrations will keep you on your toes with crucial reminders. Be it a reminder to call the suppliers or follow up with a client, or perhaps a crucial upcoming event. Your crew will also receive shift reminders and your clients, reminders of their bookings and you will be able to avoid no-shows in both cases.

Manage Your Customer Relationships

CRM is a crucial factor in the success of your rental business. Our software allows you to keep an up-to-date contact list of your clients. You can group them according to criteria of your choosing for better management. You can easily send reminders and personalized messages to your clients through mail and text messages. This will no doubt instill a sense of appreciation and worth among your esteemed clientele. You can also use the opportunity to resolve any issues that may come up as well as making opportune sales pitches to promote your business.


We have a dedicated service team and together with our expert technical crew, we provide excellent support for all our clients. Our commitment to the success of your business does not stop with you installing our feature-packed rental software.

Automation is the smartest way to run your rental business. whatever your industry, get in touch today and be a part of a community of businesses using the powerful tool that is our rental software and watch as it transforms everyday business for you.

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