//Just A Click Away: Party Rental Software For Managing All Your Inflatable Hire Business Operations

Just A Click Away: Party Rental Software For Managing All Your Inflatable Hire Business Operations

As a player in the entertainment industry, delivering fun and excitement to your clients is no doubt one of the reasons that motivated you to go into business. Admittedly, running an inflatables hire business is quite the involving undertaking, but with the right party rental software, you can look forward to a more efficient way of managing your business and create more time to concentrate on putting a smile on your clients’ faces.

Instant and Efficient Booking

Say goodbye to the hassle that is double booking with inflatable rental software. The software updates the availability of every stock item in real time so that at any one given time you know exactly what has been reserved and what remains available. Your clients can also enjoy a convenient and fast booking process through your website and across different integrated social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter.

Scheduling, Delegation and Mapping

The software synchs with your calendar of events and gigs, which updates constantly and allows you to receive notifications of all upcoming events for proper planning. Additionally, the multi-user platform of the inflatable hire rental software is quite easy to use, providing different levels of access for your employees. This ease of accessibility makes the process of job delegation quite smooth and you will not be overwhelmed as a business owner.

Lastly, inflatable hire software is integrated with various location apps for route optimization that will save your business some money and time. All your clients will surely be impressed with on-time deliveries every time.

Payment Processing

Create professional and error-free invoices instantly with just the click of a button for all your clients’ orders. Additionally, integrated with the inflatable rental software are multiple financial gateways such as PayPal that allows you to accept and process payment for your inflatables.

Stock Management

Stock management has never been easier been with inflatable rental software. All your inflatables are subject to deterioration over time due to constant use, and some wear and tear is not uncommon after a couple of runs.

For a business that values the safety and health of their patrons, scheduling regular maintenance for all your bouncing castle units and other inflatable rentals is an absolute must. The software will send you notifications and reminders of these crucial maintenance schedules that you have to keep.

Your People

As mentioned, you can make a work schedule for all your employees and schedule who gets to do what and when. Additionally, the software is a great and indispensable CRM tool for your business. You can access all your clients’ contact information and can conveniently reach them including sending them email and text reminders regarding their inflatables booking as well as offers and discounts, as often as is professionally permissible. Similarly, the software allows you to view the history of a specific client, from which you can make an accurate deduction about their tastes and preferences. With that, you can initiate contact and make a professional recommendation.

From stock management, to easy scheduling, inflatable rental software is an excellent management tool for your inflatable hire business. With such a great load off, you can focus your energies on ensuring that your clients get exactly what they pay for, which is delivery of fun packages.

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