//Inventory Management And Tracking With AV Rental Software

Inventory Management And Tracking With AV Rental Software

The audio-visual rental business is big, and with it, are some equally big challenges. One such challenge that even the biggest names in the industry face on the daily is keeping track of all their equipment.

How many rental items are currently in circulation on hire out to clients and how many are in storage? Of your entire inventory, which equipment is in perfect working condition and which equipment needs repairs? Of the equipment that needs repair and maintenance, which ones are still covered under a product warranty? These are only just a few of the many questions that come to mind when it comes to keeping track of your equipment.

Having to physically inspect every piece of equipment will no doubt drain the business in valuable man hours, not to mention the fact that there is always a margin for human error. Bearing this in mind, it is now evident that AV rental software is the most efficient solution for your audio-visual rental business.

How it Works

You will need to first tag every piece of rental equipment and scan the barcodes into the fully barcode-compatible AV rental software. The system will create a comprehensive inventory of all your equipment, and to each item, you can add as much detail as you may wish, including a text product description, pictures, videos, and serial numbers among others.

Depending on the architecture of your software and the functionality built into it by the team of developers, your company will be able to, among other things do the following

    • Access and efficiently manage equipment availability. All your customers will be able to see exactly what equipment is available as they make their booking. The system auto-updates availability in real time, meaning you won’t ever have to worry about the nightmare that is double booking.
    • With GPS feature, access the location of every piece of equipment making it easy to monitor rental pick-ups and returns. Additionally, AV rental software will help your staff save on time and fuel by mapping deliveries with Google Maps and other apps.
    • Check against customer records to see who exactly has any of the equipment at any given time. For any follow up, you can easily access the customer’s contact information and get in touch.
    • Receive automated reminders for preventive maintenance action generated by the system from its record of equipment usage. Additionally, if you have any scheduled preventive or corrective maintenance coming up, the system will send you a reminder of the same. In this sense, AV rental software decreases your downtime and increase the usability and equipment life of all your rentals.

Every functionality of the system is engineered to ensure that your rental company can focus its resources on growing as a business. Keeping track of all your rental audio and visual equipment is one such functionality and it has never been easier as is with AV rental software. No doubt, you will always be atop your inventory management at all times.

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