//5 Ways Investing in Rental Software Equips Your Bike Rental Business For Growth

5 Ways Investing in Rental Software Equips Your Bike Rental Business For Growth

It is no state secret that the bike rental scene is booming. More clients every day and an inventory that has to be expanded by the day are characteristic for the average bike rental provider. Investing in bike rental software will set your business apart from the rest, as you enjoy, among others, the following benefits

Access From Anywhere and Anytime

Wherever you may be, however far away from the office that could be, you can conveniently access the software on any device with working internet connectivity. A PC, phone, tablet or any other internet-enabled device is all you need and you do not have to worry about investing in additional hardware. Once the software is up and running your team and your clients can have access to it and view the inventory at any time of the day, adding great flexibility to your operations.

Efficient Booking

The software is very responsive and your clients can access the inventory and make their booking within a very short time. To every rental item, you can add as much information about the product, saving you the time that would go into responding to customers’ endless enquiries. The availability status of each item updates in real-time and you will never have to worry about double bookings.

Asset Check

Inventory management is without doubt one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to running a bike rental business.

Stay on top of things with the bike rental software which gives you an accurate picture of the whom, where and when. You will be able to know who among your staff rented out an item and to whom among your client list. You can also keep track of all your bike rentals with the integrated mapping apps. At a glance, you will also be able to see exactly when you can expect each item back as per the rental agreement.

The software also allows you to update your inventory at any time and you are unlimited in the number of items you can have in your inventory.

Bike Maintenance

Some bikers get overly enthusiastic and may not show the most restraint when having fun with your rentals. The terrain may not be the most ideal. Bottom line is: your bikes may get damaged. Consequently, repairs and regular maintenance are an absolute must for your business. The bike rental software keeps you updated on the state of every bike and you can expect reminders on scheduled maintenances.

Easy Payment

After what is sure to be a great experience navigating through your system, your clients will have an even easier time at check out. Integrated with the system are several online payment options through which your clients can conveniently send secure payments to your business.

The bike rental software will transform how you run your rental business. Spending less time on paper work for bookings and following up on payment processing, as well as ensuring that your rentals are in excellent condition at all time is a leap in the right direction when it comes to your business’ success. Invest in the software and let your bikes and accessories sell themselves.

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